Elect Stephanie Bourland
Elon Board of Aldermen

"I will work to ensure that Elon is a safe and affordable town that's inclusive and welcoming to all."

Growing up in a military family, Stephanie often moved, attending ten schools throughout the country. But, for the past 20 years, she has made Elon her home. Married to the love of her life, Seth, and raising their amazing daughter Gracie, Stephanie is grateful to the people who make Elon, North Carolina, a special place to live. After graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder, Stephanie became an Emmy Award winning television journalist. She worked locally as an anchor and reporter at News 2, Fox 8, and PBS North Carolina. Stephanie is a trained listener and communicator, understands complicated issues, and cares deeply about her community.

Stephanie now shares her professional passion with students in the School of Communications at Elon University, where she helps them discover internship and job opportunities. As an Associate Director of Corporate and Employer Relations, she builds partnerships with companies like Disney, Google, YETI, Carolina Panthers, and hundreds of other sports, news, and entertainment organizations. Stephanie has integrity, is honest and fair, and is a person of faith. She understands how to develop lasting relationships, work under tight deadlines, stay calm in a crisis, and communicate effectively. Learning from her father’s service to our country, Stephanie wants to do her part to serve Elon, her true hometown.

What's Important to Stephanie

Safety: Stephanie wants to maintain the safety of Elon. Everyone should feel safe in their home and neighborhood, downtown, work, and school. Partnering with the goals set out by Elon Chief of Police Kelly Blackwelder in her 2020 Annual Report, Stephanie is also committed to making sure all people are treated fairly by well-trained law enforcement and that transparency is a vital part of the process. Stephanie also supports Chief Blackwelder’s restructuring of patrol shifts that recently added in 24-hour supervision to enhance officer safety, reduce liability and increase accountability.

Affordability: As a wife and mother Stephanie knows families and communities have to live on a budget. She will prioritize the needs of the community and work with Elon Town Manager Rich Roedner and staff to keep services efficient and affordable. Another way to ensure affordability is to promote and expand our thriving small business community. Their success creates job opportunities, increases town revenue, and ensures the growth of future strategic development.

Inclusivity: Always being the “new kid” in town Stephanie understands the need for inclusivity. She wants to celebrate the families who have been the foundation of Elon, while welcoming in new and diverse people and ideas. Stephanie has been working on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives through employer DEI committees for more than twenty years. She will use her public sector training to help increase inclusivity and support marginalized communities in Elon.

Let's work together

I would love to hear from you. Let me know what ideas you have about improving Elon or concerns you would like addressed. If you would like to support my campaign, I would be thrilled to have you display a yard sign and encourage your friends and neighbors to vote on November 2.

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